The road to hell... or Finally! A subscriber freebie!

My author to-do list is overwhelming.

It turns out that there's a lot more to writing than just writing. There are covers to design and websites to keep up-to-date, blogging and a million other little things. Remember, those cute animal memes don't post themselves on Facebook. There's also research. Yes, research! A person doesn't just know how long it takes a body to decompose! You've got to look the stuff up! 

So, you put all that together, add in your real life stuffโ€”jobs, family, after-hours life of crimeโ€”and it's hard to cross things off your list.

It becomes far too easy to fall short of your good intentions!

While I've done a few InstaFreebie offers over the last two months, one thing on my to-do list has been to add a free book download, exclusive to my darling mailing list subscribers.

I've finally managed to do just that!

I do plan to change the free book download every few months, but for now, subscribers new and old can receive an eBook copy of Dalton Sikes Finds a Body.

Click HERE to subscribe and you'll get a link to download your free eBook.

If you're already on the list, no worries! You can still use the link above to enter your email and receive your download link without signing up twice.

Finally, something to mark off that damned list! But remember to keep an eye out and I'll let you know when the list members freebie changes!