Dreamspinner Press Gift Card Giveaway 🌟🌟 Day 8 🌟🌟 Cover Reveal Countdown!

Welcome to day eight of my Cover Reveal Countdown and Giveaway!

When I first decided to have a countdown to my cover reveal, I didn't give much thought to spoilers. Short-sighted, I know!  Especially since I'm one of those people who never reads a complete blurb for fear of learning too much, and cringe when someone mentions that they peek at the ending before reading a book. What?! Why?

I like surprises. I like stories to unfold in their own time. This is not everyone's philosophy. It's not even the same philosophy as many of the beta readers I've worked with. But I stick to my guns. Mostly.

I have a lot of respect for those who read and help shape a book before the rest of the world sees it. I know their value, even as I'm not sure I’m a particularly good beta reader myself. Still, I have the privilege of playing that role and, for a long time nowβ€”almost from the beginningβ€”have been lucky enough to have some incredibly talented writers have my back. If you haven't read the team of Claire Davis and Al Stewart or Ofelia GrΓ€nd, what the hell, man?! You need to get on that! And perfect timing, they both have Christmas books out this month!

Today I thought I would share a character whose place in the world of That Rat, Carter Janson, while the same man from the stories conception, was still easily the most defined by the readers that came before the world ever knew it was a thing.

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Just joining us? Let's recap!

During my Cover Reveal Countdown, we'll be giving away three Dreamspinner Press Gift Cards!

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The rules are easy!

Starting December 10th, every day I'll be posting a little something about one of the characters from my upcoming book. If you know my writing, you know I love my secondary characters. I'll share a pic, an excerpt or a quote, maybe even a little more.

Comment on the countdown post here on my blog, on Facebook, or Twitter. One comment per site. One entry per comment.

Yes! That means you could comment on Facebook, Twitter and directly on my blog, and you'll get three separate entries into the giveaway. And you can do that every day! 

On day 10, December 19th, we'll reveal the cover, and I'll also announce the randomly drawn winners of a $25, $15, and the $10 Dreamspinner Press gift cards! 

If you're like me, I can never have enough books in my Dreamspinner library! 

Maybe the winners will even want to pick up That Rat, Carter Janson!


That Rat, Carter Janson


Every man has secrets, but some are bigger than others….

Felix Peake escaped a shady past to carve out a successful career as an expert in Mesopotamian art and gain the respect of the Chicago art community. But when an assistant curatorβ€”a man Felix could easily see himself falling forβ€”asks him to reauthenticate a cuneiform tablet to avoid a looming scandal, Felix’s carefully constructed life could crumble.

The tablet is a fake, and Felix is intimately familiar with the artist. Master forger Carter Jansonβ€”Felix’s ex and first loveβ€”disappeared from his life six years before without a word of explanation. Now, to hold his world together, Felix must find the original tablet, steal it back, and replace the forgeryβ€”all before the museum exhibit debuts. It’ll mean slipping back into a role Felix wanted to leave behind and risking his promising future. But even then, he can’t do it alone. He’ll have to confront that rat, Carter Janson.


Michael Blaire

Excerpt from That Rat, Carter Janson

Michael was everything he liked in a man. Older, handsome, brilliant, tight pants.

About Michael:

I think that pretty much says it all. LOL

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