A screaming good time! Just in time for Halloween! BOOK GIVEAWAY

I love no holiday more than Halloween! If only it could be all year long. Currently, my house is full of Día de Muertos skeletons, creepy grinning cats, and Vintage Halloween Postcards. I would be perfectly content if it could stay that way. My kitchen is ALWAYS decorated with b-horror movie posters so who would even notice?

My husband. He would notice. He is very observant that way. The bastard!

Anyway, starting in August (okay, more like mid-July but don't tell anyone) I start watching horror movies at work. Not good horror movies, God no. I watch crap! Loads and loads of terrible crap. Films with ten dollar budgets and acting that will make you howl with laughter. 

I also start rereading some of my favorite horror classics and go looking for new horror gems I have yet to discover. That is, until this year. This year I thought why not get in on the action! Thus, Buried Desires - a horror double feature was born. 

The book includes Deadly Sugar, a twisted tale from the scary talented Ofelia Gränd and Cold Fingers from little old me!  It was all kinds of awesome to write. I also learned a great deal, including how to put an umlaut over an A! (On a Mac just old down on the A and you get a popup menu. If you are on a PC, sorry you're on your own! :P) Also, included in Buried Desires are two links to Hidden Chapter short stories. One from me and one from Ofelia!

This is release weekend so I thought it should be...


Over the next couple of days, I will be giving away six books on Goodreads, six books on Facebook and six books on Twitter.

Want to grab yourself a free copy? Hit the FREE BOOK link at the bottom of this post!