Watching Elijah Fall

D-Day is upon us.

Watching Elijah Fall was posted this morning for the Loves Landscape event here.

It will also soon be available for download, here

This has been quite the learning experience.  The learned the most about how to improve my approach to writing a story. So much so that I believe it will go far more smoothly the next time around. I don't see me writing nearly twice what was in the finished piece next time around. At least I hope not.

With this one, my first real piece of fiction, I totally winged it. I started writing from the beginning and just wrote through and let the story just go were it wanted to. I'm not saying that such an approached is necessarily the worst way to go, but when there isn't time for a proper second draft, it might be better to have a firmer grasp of the story from the very beginning

I haven't received any written reviews yet, which I dread and plan to ignore as best as I can, but still it is kind of exciting in it's own way. I'm proud of this story really. Certainly proud of the potential it holds, if nothing else. Hope you'll take a little time and give it a read.