Goodread's M/M Romance Group's Love's Landscapes

So, every year the M/M Romance Group publishes a collection of stories submitted by their members, both published and unpublished authors alike.

The story ideas are submitted from members of the M/M Romance Group community in the form of a Dear Author letter with an accompanying photograph.

The idea seemed like a lot of fun and, since I am always kicking story ideas around in my head, I thought that maybe an actual deadline would be just the push I needed to do something I have talked about doing for years.

Writing a story that includes an ending! *gasp*

So, with inspiration drawn from this lovely photo and the Dear Author letter here, as well as the completely indispensable help and encouragement of my fantastic beta reader, I have actually  done it.

My story Watching Elijah Fall with be part of this year's collection. 

The Love's Landscape anthology is expected out sometime this summer for free download from Goodreads as well as other online ebook retailers.

Once my story is posted, I will link it on my Free Stuff tab.